With breathtaking scenery, picturesque destinations, a multicultural society, and a comfortable lifestyle; Sri Lanka is truly a hidden gem. Living in this country has always been an amazing experience and to make it more glorious than it already is, is our mission.


Luxely is an exclusive platform for luxury real estate advertising services. We cater to the needs of property enthusiasts in order to offer curated options of dream properties in the country you desire. As a premium agency based in Sri Lanka, we have advertisements coming from all corners of this beautiful country to provide the best array of choices for our clients. From apartments to commercial buildings to lands, Luxley got you covered.


Luxely presents to you an array of homes and lands to make your dream of owning a house, a reality. With some of the most opulent cities and places on the list, our range of options is highly specialised. With us, you can own or rent luxurious houses, apartments, villas, mansions, hotels, and properties. We give expert guidance and support on your vision and make it our mission to fulfil it. Even in the hectic cityscape of Colombo, we have spread our expertise to give you compact and designer homes and lands.


Sri Lanka has its fair share of real estate agencies, but what sets us exclusively apart is the standard of our services. Our platform is handcrafted for luxury real estate. We provide careful attention to the whole of our clientele whenever it is needed in order to ensure they have the best experience of working with us.


Luxely provides an extensive list of luxury properties in and around Colombo and also away from Colombo. We also contain properties in some of the best and most attractive places in Colombo such as the Colombo City Centre, Altair Colombo, Havelock City, and Rajagiriya. The pleasure of a swimming pool, gymnasiums, shopping complexes, supermarkets, and tourist attractions can be achieved by a single step outside with most of the houses advertised with us.


Not only Sri Lankan customers, we work hand in hand with both foreign and local clients to run through all the processes of renting or owning a property and ease the burden off your head. At Luxely, we do not just sell houses and lands but assist our clients in embracing modernism with a touch of class, combining architecture with antiques, and style with the structure to make their homes stand out from the crowd.



Luxely is a platform for luxury real estate bringing together owners, buyers, and trusted real estate agents.  It is purely a technology-based intermediation service offering paid premium advertisements for a reasonable rate to advertise on Luxley.lk!  This is the ideal real estate website for local and foreign property investors who are exclusively interested in luxury properties based in Sri Lanka. The goal of Luxley is to simplify the property advertising and searching process in order to encourage luxury property investments in the country.

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Luxely is a platform which has niche daily visitors which can speed up your Luxury Real Estate's sale or rent.


Luxely provides tools for managing your Luxury real estate portforlio.


Luxely puts customer first, is always available and has good customer support and service.

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Luxely has a highly talented team to make constant innovations to provide a good service.

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